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Here are some of the wonderful emails we have received. We love to keep in contact with our customers and it's so much fun to get pictures of the puppies as they grow!

Hello Moyer family! I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying watching Sparta grow every day! She has been such a blessing to our family! Although there are MANY pics that I would love to share with you, here are just a few...


Just thought you would like to get an update on how Miss Faith Manning is doing. She is the apple of Brian's eye and is EXTREMELY spoiled!!! Her favorite place to sleep is on the couch (which she sneaks onto when she thinks no one is looking). She goes with Brian everywhere! He still treats her like a lap dog even though as of yesterday she weighed in at 70lbs! We are very much enjoying her and are anxious to see what the future brings. We recently had Santa Pet pictures at the Vet Clinic I work at. I thought you might enjoy our group photo. Of course Faith and I are on the left, with Michelle Monroe LVT in the middle with her dogs Molly (Bassett Hound) and Biscuit (Goldendoodle). Dr. Michelle Huddle is on the right with her Weimaraner Maggie.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!

Brian, Jen, Drake and Danika

Dear Kellie

I'm so sorry its been so long since I've updated you on Winston. We purchased him back in September. On June 29 he turned one. We celebrated his birthday with some bacon, peanut butter cupcakes :) He has been such a joy in our lives and we cant show how thankful we are to have found you. I have enclosed some pictures for you. I started from when we brought him home to now. I hope you enjoy looking at these and know that he is with a family that loves him more and more everyday. Plus he makes us smile and laugh in ways that makes us cry :)))

Aaron, Lindsey, Kaitlyn and Ethan


She is doing great! We named her Lola, she is just the cutest and sweetest little dog. I will send pictures this weekend, thanks again we love her so much!



I wanted to thank you for the Christmas card. I never got a chance to thank you for Boogie, you were sent to us for a reason! After what happened with Gibson you made it very easy for us to make our decision to get another puppy. Boogie is amazing, he is my little lover and cuddlebug. I attached a picture of him snoozing on the couch (one of his favorite things to do). My brother recently came home from overseas and just fell in love with Boogie. He is wanting to know if Lucky and FeeVee are still available? If so, can send me the info on them and I will forward it on to him. Again thank you so much for all your help.


Hi :)
I just wanted to let you know that mom decided to name her Sophia and call her Sophie for short! She was perfect on the drive back home. And her and my mom had an instant connection! She also knows how to handle herself very well with my brothers rambunctious 9 month old boston, Churchill! haha...its adorable!! She loves to play with my son Landon as well. I dont think we could have found a more perfect dog to fit our family!!
Also, if you would like we can def. send you updated pics of her now and then...she's even more gorgeous than in her pics, they dont do her justice! And I just know shes going to grow into quite the beautiful lady!!
Thank you so much Kellie, you've really made our family feel back together again since our loss of Winston. And Churchill thanks you too! :)


Here's a recent of Winston(Bach). He's doing great, getting into everything just like a puppy should. He loves to sleep on our Temperpedic bed & has made lifelong friends with our Boxers. He sits on command & expects his walk around the neighborhood every day.


Hi Kellie,

Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that Pancho is really happy and we are crazy in love with him ;)

Have a great day

Iris .

Hi Kellie!

I just wanted to let you know Finn is doing great! He makes me laugh every moment. Chloe does awesome with him, and Beans has been very patient. Life is good. Thanks so much...

Dear Kellie,

Wanted to let you know our car ride yesterday went great. Louie, Layla and I rode in the backseat all day. We played, ate, drank, and slept.

Took them in today for their vet check. The vet gave them a clean bill of health and she was very impressed on how good they looked. I took in a stool sample and it was negative but we knew that was going to be the case. Louie and Layla were a big hit with all the girls at the vet office.

I just can’t begin to tell you how very much in love I am with these babies. They are having a good time here. They run all around the house, play and strew toys all over. They like to go outside and play and run in the grass. They are playing very well with Abby and Max, and are eating and drinking good.

Thank you for my babies and will keep in touch soon.



Hi Kellie

Just another picture of Beulah with her Christmas Hat on.

Like I said earlier, thanks again for hooking us up.

Have a wonderful day.



We just wanted to let you know that Raven is doing great. She slept all night without a peep. Our other dog Shelby doesn’t mind our new member of the family. The boys have been having so much fun with her. She is taking a nap right now. She is tuckered out.

She is such a joy. We love her so much. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Kari and Brent

Hi Kellie,

Just wanted to let you know that Alli is doing great. We are calling her Miss Penelope or Penny for short. She had her new puppy check up at the Vet on Wednesday. She is perfect. So we now have her on schedule for the rest of her puppy shots. Everyone at the office had to take turns holding the puppy and Penny just loved it.

She a real snuggler and she's a natural at playing fetch. She's a very friendly dog and loves it when Alex has kids over. Somebody new to play with!

I'm so glad you got her to us last Saturday. We have at least 8 inches of snow here today and it's still coming down. I bet you got even more out west. Hope your boys are enjoying the snow.

Thanks for such a wonderful dog. We just love having her around.


Hi Kellie!
Just thought I would drop you a line. Maia is doing well. Potty training is still a struggle, but otherwise she is doing good!
She is growing fast and has already doubled her weight to 11 lbs!! I think she is going to be much bigger than we thought she would be.
She loves to run and play and is a little love with her kisses. Her favorite toy is still the blue chew toy that you gave her!! =)
Hope that you are all doing well and that you and your family had a Happy Easter!

All my love,

So as we round off the last days before Bentley is a year old. Seems like just yesterday we picked him up from you guys. We have had a great past year with him, as it's starting to get warm out again. We had been spending a bit of time a week out at the lake. Bentley was born to swim. We can't keep him out of the warter. He's been such a great dog and for that we thank you. I just wanted to drop by and show you some pictures and tell you alittle bit about how we've been and how much fun we are having with our perfect dog. Thank you a million times again!



Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that Eve (formally known as Bernice) is doing great. She is adjusting and getting spoiled. WE very much appreciate how well she is doing and that you had done some crate training with her. She has a night time crate next to my bed and sleeps all night without a fuss. It's amazing. Our Rottie is wanting to play with her but can't figure her out yet. She runs around and chases him. It's quite funny to watch her chase around a 100 lb Rottie.

Thanks so much for a great pup



Hello Kellie, we just wanted to thank you for Sparta (Ariel). We love her so much already! She is the perfect addition to our family! The drive to Nebraska was definately worth it! I am sorry we didn't get to meet you, my excitement got the best of me;) We will keep you updated often:) Again, thank you so much!

Grace, David, David III, Thor and Sparta

Hi, Kellie! Just wanted to let you know that Zorra is doing great- eating and drinking plenty, and already so great with her crate training! She sleeps all night without a peep, and wakes up with a clean crate! You'll have to pardon my astonishment- I'm used to raising puppies of other breeds, and had prepared myself for weeks of mess and interrupted sleep... Thank you so much for preparing her so well for the transition. She is wonderful with my boys, and doesn't "mouth" them a whole lot. I think it made a big difference that you socialized her so well with kids and other dogs in your home before she was sent to us. Here is a link to a video of her meeting all my boys right at at the airport- first time out of the kennel. It was a special moment! Thanks again, Kathryn

So I lost track of Penny while we were eating dinner and this is where I found her. She is doing great and learning really fast, she is currently 22 lbs and has 3 little boyfriends (my boys).
The second pic is of her and her cousin Charlie sitting on my dads lap.
Thanks again for everything

Hi Kellie!

We had a safe & enjoyable trip home with Prince "Payton". He was very well behaved & slept most of the long ride home. We had a great first night. Just a little crying in the middle of the night. He is adjusting very well to his new home!! Took him to the Vet today & he is in excellent health. We are so in love with him and he is one very spoiled puppy!!

Thank you so much!!

Tye & Lynn


Hey Guys -

Good girl, now known as Macee, is doing great! She is hopping all over the house playing with our lab and walked iin like she owned the place. She has beem very comfortable here and is laying on my feet sleeping while I'm trying to wrap up some work I had to bring home.

We are very happy with and think she is the greatest! Thank you for everything and when things calm down we'll send some pictures over to you. The kids have been in awe and we'll probably never get them to sleep tonight!

One question we did have for you is how much food on average do you recommend giving her? I gave her two cups since we've been home but wanted to check with people who know this dog breed the best. We plan on feeding her twice a day and maybe 1 - 1/12 cups per feeding?





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